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Accommodation – where can you stay cheaply in Rome?

Rome is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Just as diverse are accommodation possibilities. They range from a suite at a luxury hotel to a simple room that is not much more than a place to sleep. They type of accommodation you choose depends on one’s budget and personal taste. If one has booked a package holiday the accommodation (almost always these are a middle of the range hotel room) is included in the price. One is however also bound to stick to the tour programme. For this reason it is better to travel independently and choose one’s own accommodation.

Sankt Peter at night
Sankt Peter at night
Source:     Photographer: Marlene

search a accommodation
Source:        Photographer: Rainer Sturm

Unless one really desires luxury accommodation in Rome, then it would be worthwhile to opt for budget accommodation and have more spending money at your disposal. Especially in Rome there are many hostels and numerous Bed & Breakfast type accommodations where during the off-peak season you can book an overnight stay and breakfast from 25 € per person. Many such places can be found in the centre of Rome in the vicinity of the main railway station – Stazione Termini. They have the added advantage of being close to the attractions and to public transport links. One can find appropriate information and reviews on the internet from other travellers on accommodation. Even online bookings are often possible. Of course at these prices one can not expect satellite-TV, a whirlpool, lavish breakfast buffet or air conditioning in the rooms. It may also be possible that traffic noise will be disturbing in such central locations. One should bear all of this in mind before one decides on accommodation. Larger groups are better off staying in a youth hostel as with these one can possibly accommodate for instance an entire school class or the likes thereof in one place.

Although Rome is a city with nearly 3 million inhabitants, there are even campsites in the main city area that are open all year round. These alternative options for accommodation could be of interest for disabled tourists, in particular for people with walking difficulties as many of the other budget accommodations are not designed for disabled guests. The best thing is to find out detailed information before booking; this prevents against unpleasant surprises on arrival. In any case booking early before one’s date of travel – especially in the peak seasons July/August or before important religious festivals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas is advisable. If you book in advance one can also find suitable and affordable accommodation during peak season.