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Roman Thermae

A Roman Thermae was a bathing centre in the ancient Roman Empire. Rome alone, the capital city of the Empire, is said to have had at least 11 huge public bath complexes, as early as in the first century AD. The historical remnants of the Agrippa Thermae, the Severer, Titus, Nero, Trajan and Diokletian Thermae - just to mention few - are the lasting heritage of the ancient Roman recreational as well as communication culture in the metropolitan Rome of today.

Public bathing in these particular bath facilities of the ancient Rome was a vitally important part of the people's social and high sophisticated life during the era of the Roman Empire. The Roman Thermae was attended as socializing centers. They were a common meeting point for both leisure talk as well as political and business communication. The Thermae were also used as locations for dinner parties. During 'political campaigns' they served as a place where politicians could curry favor with voters. The big bath complexes even held libraries and offered, for example, poetry readings. People cultivated socializing with each other in such bath centres while they enjoyed eating and drinking together.

Who should be surprised that these social meeting centres also implied art galleries, shopping centres and finally gyms and spas. Sometimes, notable citizens and honorable men would commit daily attendance to a Roman Thermae - that is to say taking relaxing baths! - regarding it as a significant and fundamental part of their social lives. In the 2nd century, AD, Roman Thermae were used more and more as a public place for beauty care, for exercise, massages and wellness. Especially prosperous Roman citizens regarded recreation as a substantial need and pleasure of their lives. At the same time the Romans cherished healthy eating customs.

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