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The Pope in South Tyrol - Between religion and tradition

South Tyrol is a very religious and traditional country. The weekly walk to Mass and the celebration of religious festivals and processions are part of the culture and tradition in South Tyrol. In almost every house you will find a cross on a corner with consecrated palm branches over there. Also in the stable there are consecrated palm branches to keep away every disaster. The animals as an aid and food source are on the highest authority for the farmers. The dignified handling and the necessary care of animals are the daily challenge of a farmer. When Grace, which is spoken at every meal by the oldest, the family thanks for bread and wine and the goodness of the Lord.

Rome, as a center of Christianity and capital of Italy, induce many South Tyrolean for a trip over there. Many tour operators offer trips to Rome visiting the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and a Mass with the Pope.

The relationship South Tirol - Rome is from a political view certainly not the best, but from a religious perspective means the Vatican and the Pope very much for the South Tyrolean population. Especially since the Pope was on summer holiday in South Tyrol. For two weeks, Benedict XVI. visited Brixen and spent relaxing days and contemplative moments over there.

The traditional consciousness and the cohesion of the South Tyrol population are also to see on the large number of voluntary associations. Bands, shooters, fire brigades and choral societies. All of them show the enormous cohesion, motivation and enthusiasm. Especially the various traditional costumes of various communities (and they aren’t few), evidence of cohesion and a sense of tradition. The “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen” have also drawn the youth in South Tyrol in its spell, and so everyone is “out” who comes with no traditional costume to a festival. Thinking back a few years, the views of the young people has been really different. More and more it is observed that young people are interested in tradition and religion. They pick the best things out. Community life is especially for young people very important for their development. Through the mediation of diligence and responsibility to them, important values of life are suggested.

Life on a farm in South Tyrol is not only the barn. The steep areas must be processed and butter, cheese and bacon, must also be processed until she can finally be served. Typical of a South Tyrolean family is the high number of children. So they save money for a worker and give the children a lot of freedom and nature. Religion is brought close to the children at a young age similar as the daily chores.

The value of religion and tradition should not be forgotten; especially these important things are parts of the peaceful coexistence.